The Suunto D9 Watch Review in 2018


Suuntu D9 Watch is known as the first dive computer which is enriched with the features needed for a passionate and demanding diver. From my point of view, a diver is incomplete without this watch as it is an all in one dive computer.


If you are a new diver and want to grow your skill; throughout your rest of the diving career, you should make The Suunto D9 watch your diving friend. Click here to read full review about Garmin 735XT.

This has got a unique party look which gives you an extra advantage to wear it wherever you want. As a result, this can be worn as an everyday timepiece.

Suunto D9- A dive Computer With a stunning Look

This watch is not only a technologically advanced instrument but also extremely stylish and sexy wristwatch. The most amazing fact about this dive computer is you can use it as a general wrist watch as well.

  • The Suunto D9 has got a stainless steel body. This body beautifully inserts over a brushed titanium body. This body is an eye-catcher even for the most avid dive watch connoisseurs. As it is smaller than most other dive computers, it is easy to wear.
  • Moreover, it causes no pain on a wrist and doesn’t tie your hand like a handcuff. It has got a gorgeous but smaller module display, which shows adequately large and clear digitized number than any other dive computers.

Digital Navigation:

One of the reasons why the watch is facilitated is its navigation feature. This little beast is fully functional above and under water. A graphical compass navigates you the direction more accurately than a sextant instrument.

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A graphical and visual representation of a compass displays the cardinal and half cardinal points accurately than any other dive computers in the world. That compass also displays current bearing in a numerical display system. Numerically displayed bearing scroll up and down on a graphical compass rose.

Suunto dive computer is your best friend on the journey of diving. It takes care of you in the unknown waters and great depth along with safety. You can rely on its information and feel safe to practice diving on your favorite spots.​

Pressure endurance:


This display is encased in a mineral crystal glass which is very powerful and resists against high pressure. This is designed to work against high pressure under the water. As a result, it stands against the unfortunate blow under the water during your dive up to 20 atm.

  • The amazing fact is that this dive watch not only lets you know about the pressure of your surroundings but also displays you the remaining air time of your dive tank continuously.
  • You can track your oxygen stock by this feature. It also shows your current breathing rate and ascent rate pretty accurately.

Alarm for security:

One of the coolest features of this watch is it will let you know about your depth position under the water. The watch will display you an alarm by default if you are in the depth of 40m. But this is adjustable. You can set the alarm from 3m to 100 m. This feature gives you an extra security to track your depth so that you understand your position.

Multi-mode features:


From Air mode to Gauge Mode, additionally, nitrox mode, what is absent in the D9 watch? It has multimode versatility which makes it unique and separate than other dive computers in the marketplace.

  • I am just making sure to inform you that Air mode is used on standard air whilst Nitrox mode is used with three nitrox mixes. On the other hand, Gauge mode is meant for use as bottom time.
  • Through the gauge mode, This D9 Dive computer gives you the recording of accurate bottom times as well as deco stops. You can also sample your profile through this mode.

Memory and dive logging:

The special feature Suunto D9 inhabits is that you can connect it to your PC with the help of USB interface and Suunto’s dive manager software for the purpose of transferring and view previous dive information. It sounds really interesting but it is not the end to it.

The Suunto dive manager is here to provide a complete clickable graphical representation of your previous and present dive profile. This helps you to better understand and makes a scope for you to make an improving in diving.

This Suunto D9 has a bunch of surprises for you to explore on. Such as the memory mode has the following list of dive data representations stored. They are:-

  • Real time depth
  • Real-time air consumption
  • Tank pressure
  • Temperature data
  • Graphically displayed dive profile
  • Digital compass heading

Final Words for Suunto D9 Watch

When you are a freak of quality as well as the functionality of diving instrument then this is something worth having. Suunto D9 is the ultimate choice for technical, recreational and professional divers. Suunto dive computer is the one for those who are the one to never compromise with the techniques. Here you check smart wristband waterproof wireless bluetooth smart bracelet fitness tracker.

It reduces the possibilities of unnecessary risk as well as increase the level of performance. It gives you as the complete package of all the necessary details that will be necessary for you during the diving. To have a wonderful journey of diving Suunto D9 is a perfect choice that you can make.


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Harry Rosen - February 23, 2018

Love the watch. I recently bought a D9 and love it!
This would be a great win!


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