3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is a high-class treadmill that is brought to you by 3G Cardio. I think many of you heard about this company as they have been there for fifty years. Yes, you have heard right! They have over fifty years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

Why 3G Cardio Treadmill can be your good choice?

​They always try to meet the client’s expectations with the best support, price, equipment, and uniqueness. If you ask my opinion about them, I must say that they have one of the best client services among the popular fitness companies. Their experiences and efficiency have combined to produce some great quality products. The 3G treadmill is one of them. You need to consider a few things before buying a treadmill.

  • This 3G treadmill has all the functionalities and advantages to be the best gym treadmill. It actually comes up with two types of warranty. They are: residential and commercial. Don’t think. I am going to discuss both.
  • The first and most popular warranty type they offer is residential. Obviously, it is for those who want to use this treadmill for their personal training, who doesn’t buy it for a commercial purpose.
  • The good news is the warranty is quite more extensive than the commercial one. the motor and frame warranty is almost lifetime in this offer. You will also get 10 years warranty for the parts and a 2-year warranty for labor.
  • On the other hand, when you are using this treadmill for commercial purposes, the warranty offer is widely different because a number of people are going to use it on daily basis. That is why you will get a five years warranty for the drive motor and frame and parts. Pretty good! Isn’t it?

This treadmill has all the functionalities and advantages to be the best gym treadmill. It actually comes up with two types of warranty. They are: residential and commercial. Don’t think. I am going to discuss both.


​It is 84 inches long and 36 inches in width. The elite runner’s height is 58 inches. The dimension of the tread belt is 62 inches x 22 inches. The weight of this treadmill is almost 175 kg. The motor has got a strong 4 Horsepower engine which is quite powerful.

The minimum speed level of this treadmill is 0.5 miles per hour while the maximum speed is up to 12 miles per hour. It has pulse sensors so that you can see your pulse condition while exercising with this treadmill.

It would be appropriate to let you know that it’s a nonfolding treadmill. This does not have this feature. There is also a chest strap, sound system, cooling fan, tablet holder, and bottle holder with this 3G cardio Elite runner treadmill

Frame and Deck:

It is a heavy-duty treadmill. As it is really heavy, you can assume easily that its frame is made of thick steel tubing. This machine is 175 kg, as the running deck holds most of the machine weight. Talking about the frame; all metallic parts are powder coated with scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint.

As I said earlier, the deck holds most of the weight of this treadmill; so the deck was not designed with a fold option. As a result, the deck is non-folding. As a result, the deck is non-folding. So, it is really important to assemble this Elite treadmill where it should be. You should not move the place of it consistently. A permanent place is required for this machine.

The front base of the treadmill is constructed with caster wheels. Those are there to work as upholders of inclined mechanisms. As the front base is the main incline element and will rest on these wheels as it pushes the deck up. These wheels also help you to move the assembled machine. There are leveling feet in the rear base with rubber caps. These help to maximize the stability and durability of the deck.

The running surface; which is the core component of this Elite treadmill is quite spacious. This is actually a few inches longer and wider than the average tread belt required for running. This running machine is not only comfortable for taller users but also conducive to shorter users.

The deck incorporates a heavy-duty, 2-ply running belt, highly resistant to stretching. It also features 3 inches roller. This roller is enclosed with ball bearings. It is designed like this to sustain durability for up to ten long years. It does not matter if you use this machine for at least 6 hours on a regular basis.


The 3G elite cardio treadmill has got a motorized and automatic inclined system. This system is controlled smoothly by this runner. It is one of the coolest features of this treadmill. The main active element that produces the incline feature is the front base. The rear part of this base lifts up as inclined is increased to get adjusted with the front part. At this time the base rests on the front caster wheels.

The maximum incline is not like other treadmills. It has a maximum incline of 15% (cca 10°). The fact is that at the maximum incline with a 10-mile-per-hour speed a general exerciser would not last more than a few minutes. This is the truth, if and only if you are an ordinary exerciser like me.

At 0% incline, the running surface gives you an elevation of 8 inches. The incline should be added a couple more inches. This is my personal opinion. It would be better for the hardcore, professional athlete. But for us, an incline of 15% is more than enough.

One thing I must mention is that, as the incline is motorized it can only be adjusted via the machine’s console. Adjustments are made with an increment of 1%.


It is obvious to have a good motor for a treadmill, as it takes a large amount of stress with the user’s weight, cadence, and training. Many people think that deck is the only thing that they should judge while purchasing a Treadmill. But you should also see the performance of the motor.

3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is equipped with a 4.0 Horsepower motor, made for continuous duty. This supports a user even if he weighs 400 lbs.

As mentioned earlier, this treadmill has a speed range between 0.5 and 12 MPH and is appreciated by the maximum number of users. It is a satisfactory speed range for users of all ages. You can increment or decrements the speed by 0.5 and 0.1.

The treadmill company says that it draws a power of 15 amp while it is active. But in reality, it is observed to draw a power between 10-12 amp which is really good. It requires to be connected to a 110 V power circuit and has an American standard plug.

Console and amenities:

The console is featured with three clear displays which indicate different values. The top display is there to show you what the percentage of currently inclined sate is, calories, calories per hour, time, speed, distance, pace, and Mets.

If you do not know what a mate is then this one is for you. Mets value represents how much harder your body is working than if it were at rest. The larger monitor on the left side shows the adjusting incline and speed within a workout program.

The smaller display on the right side shows your current heart rate during the exercise time. There are eight preset workout programs on the board. They are- Fit Test, Fat burn, Aerobic, Manual, course, goal, body index, and custom.

Some of them have multiple settings though. For example, there are eight courses under the course tab and two additional programs under the fittest.

When you are accustomed to a certain course, if you select the treadmill will automatically adjust the inclined position and the speed with respect to that particular course. If you are not habituated to the programs that the treadmill has, then you can create your own course and save it. So, you can modify and add any other program to this Elite treadmill.

With the help of the goal function, you can set up goals for time, calories and distance. You can also customize the options as your will. Now let’s discuss one of the most important features – visual heart rate. The treadmill has a pulse sensor. With the help of a sensor, the elite treadmill can track the heart rate of your body very accurately.

The console is very easy to understand. It is pretty straightforward as well. There is an individual key for each training program. Is not it cool?

The Maintenance:

The assembly process of this machine is neither easy nor difficult. You must consider that this machine is too heavy for a single person. That is why It requires at least two people to carry and assemble. Before assembling you must choose a fixed place to keep this machine permanently. It would not be appropriate that you are assembling this machine at a certain place and after some days you are feeling that its place needs to be changed. I extremely discourage you from doing this.

The runner’s deck is already assembled. All you have to do is attach the left and right console masts, the handlebars, and side covers, and then connect the console. The whole assembly shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Tools and manuals are included.

Just as with any other treadmill, maintenance requires the periodical lubrication of the running belt. This requires 100% pure liquid silicone lubricant, which is also provided. Typically, with home use, it requires lubrication once every 4-6 months, while with commercial use lubrication may be needed monthly. The tread belt should also be kept clean and wiped with a damp cloth weekly.

Reasons to buy this 3G cardio Elite treadmill:

Oversized running platform:

The treadmill has a large and enough space for a running platform for the exercisers. This platform is about 22 inches by 62 inches. Isn’t it sufficient enough? Of course, it is enough space if you are not exercising your elephant on this treadmill. Just kidding! The fact is that I felt, a larger surface area accommodates all the longer decisive steps that you take while running on this treadmill. On the other hand, I have compared the running surface of this 3G cardio treadmill to other treadmills that are available on the marketplace ( the popular ones). I found among the all treadmills, it has got the most spacious and smoothest surface which is pretty joyful for a serious exerciser like me.

A maximum speed of 12 miles/hour:

The treadmill can boost the speed up to 12 miles per hour which is pretty enough for a runner. Tell you what- covering 12 miles of distance in one hour means running one mile in 5 minutes. This is quite fast for a wanna-to-be runner. But it does not mean, you have to run at the speed of 12 miles per hour. You can adjust the treadmill to a lower speed range.

OHP DC motors:

It is wonderful to work on a high HP drive motor. The Elite Runner treadmill is developed with a high-performance 4HP drive motor. The interesting part about this is that it is 1.00HP more that the average motors that other treadmills are equipped with. This treadmill is been provided with higher horsepower for it to be quieter, to hit a higher speed while running on it, and as well as to be highly efficient.

Large 3-inch rollers:

The Elite runner is equipped with a well-constructed3-inch roller which makes the workout more smooth and more incredible. This wide roller does not make disturbing sounds and makes the user feel comfortable to use. The large roller is a big advantage for the people who weights heavy. These rollers are strong enough to handle weight up to 400 lbs. so now losing weight through the treadmill is not haphazard.

Incline up to 15 percent:

The more the incline range is the better workout can be done this is the fact with Elite runner treadmill. The capacity of increasing the incline range of this treadmill is up to 15 percent. This incline range is higher than the average treadmill that you can find in the markets. With the increase in the incline range, you are here to experience the essence of a great hill workout and even the intensity of the workout as well.

workout programs:

This Elite runner treadmill consists of 8 workout programs that are inbuilt into it. For instance, the workout programs are the custom program and the fitness test programs. These workout programs make your workout more interesting and happening well. The program uses the treadmill features in order to make it more diverse in all aspects.

Weight up to 400 lbs:

This treadmill satisfies the need and wants of all users. If you think that you are overweighed and cannot use any type of treadmill then it is completely wrong on your side. The elite runner treadmill is here to break all this myth. This treadmill is designed to accommodate people with weights up to 400 lbs. this is only possible because of the powerful drive motors, wide rollers as well as a strong frame. So now you don’t have to worry about your height and weight just what you have to do is the workout.

Heart rate control:

This treadmill is equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor and contact grip as well as a receiver attached. The interesting part about the feature of the heart rate monitor is that it is able to create workouts depending on the pulse rate.

Well constructed belt:

The elite runner treadmill consists of an orthopedic belt; this belt is thicker than other belts that are used in the other treadmills. The well-constructed treadmill makes it capable to run faster, better, and more efficient way. The orthopedic belt puts an impact on the drive motor but you do not have to worry about it as precautionary steps are been taken beforehand. This belt helps in making the workout comfortable and helpful.

LED/LCD multi-window display:

The attractive and interesting part of this treadmill is the multi-window display. The LED/LCD monitor with its display area is divided into 3 screens. Each of the screens displays different characteristics and features. One of the displays shows the heart rate tracker which keeps the track of the heartbeat while you exercise. The second displays show the dot matrix track that displaces the distance. Lastly, the matrix screen that displaces the speed, distance, and calories burned.

Speed/ incline keys:

The elite runner treadmill has the feature of easy speed and inclines keys. The user is able to incline up to 15 percent and can run-up to the speed of 12 mph. The speed and incline range can be controlled through the speed and incline keys that are been located near the start button. The elite runner treadmill is a convenient way of workout for all.

Full audio compatibility:

The workout can sometimes be a boring task to carry out with. To make your workout an interesting one, the elite runner treadmill has facilitated you with a built-in speaker along with an audio jack. The audio helps in connecting it with your iPod or any MP4 music player. From now workout is no longer boring and stressful.

Ortho flex shock suspension system:

This is a unique suspension system that is been developed by the elite runner treadmill. The suspension system works with an orthopedic belt and a large roller. These facilities help in a comfortable and reliable workout that goes easy on the back section and the joints.

Great safety features:

The elite runner treadmill goes easy on you. It is specially built with safety features that will keep you out of injuries. It has an auto-stop sensor that will stop automatically when the treadmill is not under the user’s control. This is even safe equipment for pets as well as children.

Cooling fan:

This treadmill has a cooling fan attached to it. This fan helps to freshen up the workout process and provides the user with a comfortable experience. The treadmill even has a warm-up and a cool-down function that helps the treadmill to be at the right temperature.

Quick start:

One of the advanced features of the elite runner treadmill is too quick to start it. There is a quick start button that helps turn on the treadmill with a click. So the user will no longer feel inconvenient.

Accessory holder:

This treadmill has a segment that is been used to hold your accessories. The user can keep his/her protein cups, tablet, mobiles, and other necessary items too. This provides the user’s convenience and ease for the usage of the elite runner treadmill.

Great warranty:

As mentioned earlier, this treadmill is offered with a residential warranty of 2 years on labor and 10 years on its parts. On the other hand, they offer a lifetime warranty for its frame and motor. I think this is the best possible warranty offer it would be. So, there is no chance to criticize this offer.


While you are in a search for a convenient and better workout machine than elite runner treadmill is the one you must choose. It is filled with well-constructed features and functions that will help in an efficient way to achieve the fitness goal. This is the best fitness equipment that can be used for home as well as the gym. It is very durable, stable and a powerful source for fitness and a better life.

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