A treadmill is an indoor machine that permits you to run on the spot at any hour of the day or night. This machine has been invented to substitute the necessity of running outdoors. This is one of the most popular exercise equipment for the last decade. In this article, I will guide you on which things you should consider before buying a treadmill.

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Generally, there are two types of treadmills. The most popular one is motor driven and more expensive. The other one is less expensive and it moves only when you start to walk or run on it.

What are the benefits of using a Treadmill?

United States Department of health and human services recommends doing physical exercise for at least 150 minutes each week. The treadmill is one of the most effective ways for staying active.

Yes, of course, before intending to buy one treadmill you should know the benefits that you are going to get from the treadmill. There are tons of reasons why people go crazy to buy a treadmill. Here, I am going to discuss some straight points.

Weight Loss:

Most of the people in the world, who do workouts on a regular basis, have a common intention. Losing the weights and not gaining extra weights. Of course, your food habit is also liable for your extra weight. But, if you don’t exercise, you cannot maintain a slim and fit body shape.

Running for just 20 minutes at six miles per hour will burn 229 calories of fat. By following the HIIT Principles of treadmill one can burn more calories faster than any other.

Improved cardiovascular health:

A treadmill helps to improve your heart health. Every time you work out on a treadmill, your heart starts to circulate the blood throughout the body faster and smoother. This reduces the stress on your heart as well as the healthy cardiovascular.

Statistics show that a minimum workout of 20 minutes on a treadmill dramatically decreases the chance of having a heart attack by 80%.

This is really significant!!! Isn’t it?

Improved joint tone:

Running and walking – these types of exercises help to increase the density of bones. It strengthens the joints of bones and muscles. Treadmill exercises help to avoid bone-thinning diseases like osteoporosis.

It increases the flexibility of your joints so that various types of bone diseases will not be bothering you. If you have arthritis, it is much recommended to buy a treadmill with a view to having regular exercises to keep your joints loose and flexible. It decreases unwanted joint pain.

Track your progress:

What I love most about the treadmill is one can track progress through its cool features. Most of the treadmills come with a digital monitor that tells you the amount of distance that you have covered, calories burnt, heart rate during the workout, and your speed per minute. By tracking this, you can improve your efficiency which is a plus point to maintaining a fit body.

The following are the facts and features you must keep an eye on while buying a treadmill.

  • Price Matters.
  • Warranty.
  • Power of Long Life.
  • Size Should be Maintained.
  • Maintenance should be free.
  • Noise is chaotic.
  • Extra features should be kept in mind
  • Research for it

Price Matters:

When buying a treadmill the first decision you make is about the price. How much are you willing to spend on it? The more the price is the better features you gain for your treadmill.

Usually, the motorized ones can cost from $500 to $10000. With this range, you can be able to buy a treadmill for your home. Whereas the treadmill used in gyms, hospitals, and clubs is way more expensive. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is one of the most expensive treadmills that I’ve ever experienced.

Warranty is Must:

This is an important thing to focus on. The treadmill must have one year of warranty. If this is not the case then you must surely reject buying it. This is because the defects in the treadmill show up as time passes by. If the case is of a short time warranty, use the treadmill as hard as possible to identify the defects that occur.

Power for Long Life:

Power is a considerable topic as this is what manages the treadmill to live long. The capacity of the treadmill motor is usually measured in horsepower. The more the capacity is the better it is to use. The treadmill used in the home is commonly around 1.5 to 2.5 horsepower.

If you wish to have an efficient treadmill it should not be a lightweight and low-power one. The one with low power will not produce high speed. Whereas the low-weighted one will not be able to hold the body mass. This increases the pressure on the machine hence reducing the span.

Size Should Be Maintained:

Storage is a matter to be considered. You are surely not intended to buy something that does not fit in your home. Before buying a treadmill locate a place in your room to fix it.

Sometimes buying a treadmill will eat up a lot of space than you have expected therefore take a fair decision. There are even smaller models that can be folded down and stored comfortably.

You would surely not like to service your treadmill after every workout. It is then necessary to check out for a maintenance-free one. The well-designed treadmill company takes the wear and tear fact into consideration which makes it easier for you to use the product more comfortably. Therefore before you, purchase maintenance must be an important fact to consider.

Noise is Chaotic:

The noisy atmosphere is always chaotic. Keeping the fact about noise is very important before buying a treadmill. A noisy treadmill can hamper your pleasure of listening to music while exercising. To make your workout smooth going, avoid a noisy treadmill.

Extra Features Should Be Kept in Mind:

Before you decide to get a treadmill to check out the extra features it provides you. This feature might be a heart rate monitor, step calculator, immediate stop switch, step counter, and so on.

Check out the treadmill guide that offers you the features that are useful for your needs and wants. It is for sure that you would not want to waste money on the features that are of no use to you. Think wisely before buying one.

Research for It:

Read reviews that are based on treadmills. the internet is filled with many comments but, be sure to ignore the sites that are in the business of selling treadmills as this can alter your viewpoint about the product.

Bear a thing in your mind that negative comments are part of reviews. It is not always that a product is 100% accepted by all, therefore, don’t completely discourage yourself with the negative comments that appear.

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