Bowflex Selecttech 3.1 Adjustable Bench Review

Staying healthy and in good shape has become a matter of concern. In the rat race of becoming successful, we all have forgotten that the actual wealth that we must concentrate first is our very own health.

The old saying can never go wrong and that is “health is wealth”. All of us are so busy handling our wealth that we forget that the first priority that we have towards us is to be healthy and fit.

By being health I not only mean a fit physique but it even means to have a clear and concentrated mind. The activities that we do in our everyday life is interlinked with each other. For instance, if you have a better health you will feel fresh and this will lead you to work better.

On the other hand, being healthy helps in boosting up your confidence level. So now you can easily figure out the difference between being healthy and leading an unhealthy life. A healthy lifestyle is very important to in this era where we are surrounded by full of junk foods.

But how can a person acquire a healthy and better lifestyle in this busy world? We all are packed with tons of works and a tight schedule to follow. But there is surely a change to be made a change that will make you feel and be more productive in every aspect. Go here to read 10 Best weight bench review. 

The manta to attain a fit and healthy life is exercise. And this is what we need to do every day. Running out to the gym every morning will never disappoint you. But what if you cannot go to the gym as it’s far from your home or if you have a scarcity of time?

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There is even an excellent solution for this case. What if the gym comes to you? This might sound crazy in the first place but this will sound normal gradually. Yes, today's review is about a home gym equipment. It is the Bowflex SelectTect  3.1 Adjustable Bench.

Let's Dive into Depths

 Bowflex is one of the well-known which has a number of workout equipment. Bowflex SelectTect Adjustable bench is a workout bench that can be used in a variety of ways to perform the exercise. The Bowflex bench is constructed with high-quality steel.

You can twist and turn the Bowflex bench into different angles to perform your desired exercise. But did you know the interesting part of this bench? This Bowflex weight bench is used in the International Space Station.

Yes, this is right because of it advance technology it is been selected as one out the workout equipment used in space. This statement might say it all. But it is surely necessary to know in depth about the Bowflex SelectTect 3.1 Adjustable benches.

Size and Shape

Moving on to the dimensions, the dimension of this Bowflex workout bench is 56” x 26” x 20”. By this, you can pretty much make an idea that this workout bench requires some space.

So, I would suggest that you should place this Bowflex 3.1 bench in a medium sized room so that you can perform all the exercises in one room. The manufacturers of this Bowflex workout bench have used a very good material to build this.

The metal used in this bench is very dense. Hence, it makes the frame of the workout bench strong and durable. Therefore, your bench can be a lifetime equipment. The Bowflex bench press weighs around 55 pounds which makes it heavier than other workout equipment of this kind.

Stability and Comfort

The two most important thing that we must always keep in mind while buying a home gym equipment is stability and comfort. No matter what the exercise is, comfort is the major aspect. There are many injuries that take place due to lack of comfort.

No matter what the exercise is, whether it’s a weight exercise or some simple crunches it is highly recommended by the trainers to focus on the comfort. And Bowflex 3.1 bench does is in a very good manner. It has thick padded seats and tapering back support.

The back support in this workout bench is on the seat so it not only provides upper back support but it even provides lower back support as well. while considering the stability of the bench, there is a stabilizing bar that is curved so that the bench stays in contact with the floor.


  • ​There are four inclinations in this Bowflex workout bench. That is -10 degree, 45 degrees, 90 degree and flat. Due to these four inclinations, you can perform many different exercises.
  • ​These four angles help in targeting the whole body, resulting you can get a complete workout. So now you won't be missing anything out.
  • ​There are wheels attached to the back of the equipment so that you can move this workout tool where ever you like. So now you do have to think twice before switching the workout bench from one room to another.


  • ​The Bowflex 3.1 workout bench is pretty heavy so be determine where you need to place this heavy weighed equipment.
  • ​You need to have the big area to set up this workout bench. A big room will provide you space to so the machinery and freehand exercises in one room. so if you are having a house with small rooms then it might be a concern.
  • ​This Bowflex workout bench is not fold able. You do not have the scope of storing it flat. This requires space for the times when you can store it while you are not working.

Bottom line

The Bowflex SelectTect 3.1 Adjustable bench is a good workout bench for people who work out on regular basis. It is even the best option for those who love lifting. This workout bench is beneficial in targeting different parts of the body because of its four inclinations.

So your whole body workout will be done with the help of one equipment. Lastly, the high-density steel makes this bench the best investment in the sector of Adjustable benches.  


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