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Fitbit has come with its ultimate style & design. Take a look at the Fitbit Blaze, Surge, Versa & many more smartwatches reviews.


Fitbit Versa Best Review in 2019

Fitbit company is all set and ready to give a back to back blasts. This is a way used by the Fitbit company to stay strong in the marketplace of the smartwatch. It’s been just a year that Fitbit had to launch the Ionic, and now it is with a brand-new product. To get in […]

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Fitbit Surge Best Review in 2019

I decided to write a Fitbit surge review from my experiences of using Fitbit watches. Hope, by the end of this article, you will understand every single thing of ​this watch.  The Fitbit Watch a present generation fitness watch. This has introduced to the general public that time, style and fitness tracking can be performed […]

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Why you should buy Fitbit Blaze in 2019 ?

Fitbit Blaze is a watch that undoubtedly follows its name. Blaze is the first fitness watch that has brought forward to the marketplace. It is considered as a Smartwatch, but this thought has been avoided by its company. They strictly refuse it to be called so. Before the arrival of Fitbit, the well-known Apple Watch was ruling […]

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