Nordic Track C1650 Treadmill Review for 2019

A great handy deal!! Nordic track C 1650 treadmill is a feature enhanced treadmill with the number of facilities along with home delivery.

So, this indicates that this brand new treadmill has a fabulous idea to last long. This 2018 version of this treadmill has facilitated you with the powerful motor to 60’’ track. It even has 10’’ touch screen. Another side of it is the inbuilt iFIT application.

The most liked aspect of this version of the treadmill is the use of Google Map technology that allows the users to walk and run at any place they desire to. Take a look....

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  • CHP motor, top speed 12 MPH.
  • Warranty both on motor and frame.
  • Welded steel frame.
  • -3% decline.
  • Running platform 20 by 60 inches.
  • 12% grade incline.
  • Rollers are 2 and half inches in diameter.
  • 0 – 12 MPH.

Product details:

  • 3.5 horsepower CHP Dur X commercial motor.
  • 60 inch lengthen platform for running.
  • Over 30 professional designed workouts.
  • Full color 10″ touch screen.
  • Web Browsing.
  • Touch speed and incline controls.
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • Dual “AutoBreeze fans.

Basic Features of NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill

Web Browsing:

Now you don’t have to stop working out on your treadmill to read important emails. It is right on your finger tip. This model has a 10’’ touch screen that enables you for web browsing. It does not end up here you can enjoy the videos on YouTube too. It really sounds fascinating.

Exercise Programs:

The main objective of the model is to the setting and monitoring performance. It has a total of 34 programs that are been certified by the trainer.

The most interesting part is that these programs are characterized in different segments. For instance, 8 general fitness and heart rate, 9 weight losses and calorie burning, 8 for speed training and lastly 9 centered on incline workouts. These all are inbuilt as well as easy to go workouts.


This is an interesting application with different functions. First of all, it uses Google map that allows you to walk and run in any place in the world. It allows you to download different workouts and customize the previous ones.

For you to use iFit, it is necessary that you have subscription at iFit.com to enable it you even require a wireless internet connection. NordicTrack treadmill has some incredible features like LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill.

Features in details

Motor, Frame And Platform:

It has a wide and specified range of all these, without the proper and specialized one you will not be able to work out with all your spirit. This model has a 3.5 continuous-duty horsepower motor (CHP), a welded steel frame and a 60-inch long tread belt.

It is amazing to note that with this price range of Nordic Track C 1650 Treadmill you are equipped with all these specifications. You can walk and run tremendously with the specifications given above for the motors, frame and running platform. It is surely a high-quality home treadmill with affordable price.

The Controls:

The 2018 version of the NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill consists of web-enabled 10’’ full-color touch screen. This is here to provide you with various features. You are able to browse the internet at any time of your exercise. In Some cases, Nordic c1650 treadmill features combines with Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill.

It makes reading of emails and keeping an eye on the social networking sites easier and compatible.

You are able to watch YouTube videos at any point of the exercise when the music is no more pleasing you.

The touch screen keeps you connected to the activities on net while you are exercising. The screen is located where the user looks for their work progress. And lastly, if you choose to use iFit it is even on your fingertips.

Speed Control:

The speed controls are located right next to the start/stop buttons. These are push-button controls that help you to adjust the speed according to your requirements. The speed range is from 0- 12 MPH. the speed alters as soon as you press the buttons.

The Incline and Decline:

These are located on the left-hand side of the start/stop button. It helps the users to change the grade of the workout. It increases and decrease the grade from 0 to 12% incline.

On the other hand, the decline is even at the same place as the incline. If you keep on pressing the downward arrow of the incline button. You can reduce the grade ranging from 0 to -3%.

34 Workout Programs:

As mentioned earlier there are 34 programs that are been designed by the professional trainer. There is a range of programs used for the reason of weight loss while other are used for fitness purposes.

The interesting part of the program is that the speed and intensity will automatically be adjusted according to the workout you choose.

This treadmill works as a magic if you have certain goals for weight loss as the workout programs that are available in this treadmill are the ones chosen by the trainers. The programs are motivations and show progress with the flow of time.

It Folds:

For the purpose of saving space, this is a good treadmill that can be used as you will be able to fold it. It is even suitable for people who live in smaller space and even an advantage for the purpose of cleaning. If you think of the lifting part of it then you have nothing to worry about as the EasyLift shock system does much of the lifting for you.

This treadmill has a long list of features tool and other stuff. This list will provide you with an easy go though of what this treadmill consist and what it is all about.

Final Words to Nordictrack Treadmill

Nordic track C 1650 treadmill is an outstanding treadmill with all its quality as well as price. It has taken the era of the treadmill to an all new level where workouts are no longer stressful and work hampering.

It’s all new availability to the world of the internet while exercising had made it an interesting workout machine. It is a treadmill that is worth spending money on in all aspects.


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