A dumbbell bench is a must-have tool for bodybuilders or for anyone who desires dumbbell training in their home. Soges Folding Dumbbell Bench is a great product to consider when you need support when using dumbbells for workouts in seating and lean position. The folding bench is undoubtedly practical and saves space when you need to store it. This is our soges folding dumbbell bench review and highlights of the product.


Soges Folding Dumbbell Bench is basically a multi-functional training and fitness workout station. The incline dumbbell bench can accommodate your daily exercises that cover extensive fitness goals. You can use Soges Bench to exercise your arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks, and waist on various sets. Whether you want to cut your weight, build muscle, shape your body, or simply regularly exercise for well-being, this bench would be your workout station.

Ergonomic and Foldable Design

Soges Folding Bench comes with an ergonomic design that provides comfort for training. The high-density foam padding on the workout bench is everyone’s dream and this dumbbell bench has them for you.

Despite being comfortable, the most important thing is that this dumbbell workout bench can secure your body firmly. With the ergonomic design, you can reduce muscle fatigue during regular or extensive training sessions. When you’ve completed the sessions, you can simply fold the dumbbell bench and store it in your cupboard.

Adjustable Height Setting

The adjustable height makes this dumbbell workout station more versatile and accommodates different dumbbell practices. Soges Folding Dumbbell Bench allows you to adjust the height from three different angles. This flex your dumbbell training sets including dumbbell flyes that you may not be able to perform on generic workout benches. With soges dumbbell bench, you can cater to different dumbbell sets without risking safety or sacrificing comfort. With more diverse practices, and more fitness goals you can achieve with this bench.

Good Build Quality

A workout bench should be heavy-duty-grade to hold the body firmly when working out. Soges Bench comes with good build quality with sturdy construction. The metal construction can support up to 330 lbs of weight which allows you to have most workout sets with no problem. The technical specification is real so you can keep peace of mind when using this bench. When you’re choosing a dumbbell bench for regular exercises, you should be aware of the maximum weight capacity of the product.

Customer Reviews

Having a foldable dumbbell bench like Soges Bench is a great investment for an at-home workout. This product is currently available on Amazon with 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. Most buyers are satisfied with the overall functionality of the bench. However, some buyers also feel the bench is not quite big for their sizes.


Having a compact workout bench like Soges Folding Dumbbell Bench can save space while catering to diverse sets of exercises. With adjustable height, you can do more dumbbell exercises and treat it as a versatile workout station. If you’re looking for a multifunctional dumbbell bench that can be folded, Soges Folding Dumbbell Bench should be on your list.

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