Garmin vívofit Fitness Band is a fitness tracker and even a pedometer. While you are a fitness freak and a health-conscious person then this is a product that will fulfill all your requirements.

Garmin Watch helps you to count your steps, displays the calories burned, tracks your distance, informs you about the steps remaining for your daily goal as well as tells you the time. This is one of the best heart rate monitoring watch. Garmin vivofit helps in keeping your motivation higher with the help of the daily goals.

Why Garmin vívofit Fitness Band?

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness band does not vibrate as other fitness bands do. This might lead you to miss some of the reminders and this is what happens with me most of the time. It automatically adjusts your daily goals, it makes your task easier than ever before.​

​With the help of Bluetooth, it is compatible in syncing with iOs and Android devices. This can easily be done by downloading the Garmin Connect App or the other way to sync with MAC and PC is with the help of a wireless USB dongle.

One of the interesting features to me is that while you are seated for more than an hour, you will be able to notice a red bar and it will glow every fifteen minutes. But it gradually disappears as you walk for a while.

Garmin Vivofit Design

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is unlike the recent fitness trackers, it is somewhat of an old school type. It has a rubbery flexible band that holds the tracking device. You can find its design similar to that of Fitbit flex. The weight of this band is just 25.5g. The comforting part is that you will be able to find both small and large sizes of the band.

  • The greatest advantage of this fitness watch is that you can wear it all the time. You can even use it while you are swimming as well as showering.
  • This fitness band is water-resistant up to 50m. But this band does not contain any swimming features.
  • It consists of an LCD display with a black background that is always on. The large gray numbers give you the feel of the old digital watches.
  • It is easily readable but the display is horizontal which means that you have to twist your wrist at times.
  • While we focus on the controls of the Gamin Vivofit fitness band, the single band controls all the functions of the band.
  • ​The variations in the one function to another take place based on how many seconds you hold the button. This is quite confusing and even a bit hard to remember.
  • While moving on to the box, it contains small and large sizes of the band that is of the same color. It even contains an ANT Plus USB receiver.
  • This receiver is used for the reason of setup and syncing data. This fitness band is a comfortable band and can be worn all day. You might find a problem with the clasp as it becomes loose at times.


While we move on to the features, the rate of innovation is very little. For the purpose of sensing motion, the accelerator is used. You will not be able to find GPS as it is a common fact considering the price. It is incapable of tracking elevation and this is one of the mediums of burning more calories.

The Bluetooth helps the sync the fitness band with your smartphone but it must be done manually. The onboard storage is not been revealed by the Garmin, but on the other hand, Vivofit is able to store the data for one month.

Garmin vívofit Fitness Band knows how to motivate you and keep you on move. The more you are inactive the longer the line gets. The red line at the top of the display appears while you are inactive for an hour or longer. To make this line disappear you just have to get up from your seat and walk for a while. But at a time it can be easily ignored as there is no vibration alert.

The daily goals are a great source of motivation. While you first set up a daily goal for you and accomplish it later the Vivofit will push up the target for you to do more. In this way, you will be able to attain your fitness. On the other hand, if you fail to complete the target, it will reduce it slightly. Rather than completely stopping, vivofit will provide you the option to improve in a gradual step.

Vivofit Garmin Performance​

Syncing it with other devices seemed to be problematic. It takes time as well as several attempts to sync it through the ANT Plus receiver. Whether it is your laptop or smartphone you might face a bit of discomfort at first to sync it properly.

The Garmin vívofit Fitness Band is sometimes inaccurate in counting the steps whereas the counter digits are larger than the other fitness tracker. It is excellent in the fact of water-resistant as you can wear it all the time. There is even a problem with the calorie counter it is double that of the other tracker. This vivofit fitness band has issues with the accuracy field.

Why Should you buy it?​

The best reason to buy this product is for the display and the battery life. It is not always possible to take out the phone to check your daily goal and here is when your vivofit fitness band is going to be an effective one with the necessary details that you require.

The syncing and background problem can be disturbing but the way it motivates you will make you feel good at the end of the day. Not only it is welcoming with the affordable price but it also mesmerizes you with its build-in features of it. The Garmin vívofit Fitness Band is a product with the advantage that what it does, it does well.

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