Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench 2019 Review

I have heard a lot about the Reebok Deck. Then finally I made up my mind to see this product as my bosom friend bought one. He is so much happy with this deck. But As a defect finder, my pessimistic mind was ready to be disappointed. Finally, I bought one and brought this at my home.

Before getting started it would be appropriate if I give a short description of Fitness bench. Just in a nutshell for the busiest people. Those people who don’t have much time and patience to read a whole review.

Then I have decided to write a review on this Reebok Fitness Bench from my experiences with this. I have been using it for two months.

Don't have enough time ? Take a short look of these popular workout bench in brief.

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So, I think, I am quite ready to write an in-depth review on this workout bench

Why Reebok Workout Bench ?

The Reebok weight bench which is also known as a workout bench is one of the most significant products in your range. If you don’t believe then search on Google by writing Reebok deck reviews and you will find the testimony of my words.

“Reebok weight bench is not that heavy; for me at least. So, before diving into the details I want to let you know my rating is for this product 4.7 out of 5. I am deducting .3 points just for the extra bucks and not having a wheel option to make it easy to move.”

This workout bench is a perfect blender of an innovative design and futuristic feature. There's no doubt that this is one of the best selling muscle, strength & health products.

​Most of the products, especially the workout products exaggerate their products features on the advertisements.

The Specification:

The fitness deck is 44 inches in length and 13 inches in width. It’s not that light but pretty good for me. I guess. You can adjust its height from 8″ to 14″.

Using the Reebok Deck:

There are more than one hundreds exercises that you can do with this Reebok Deck. Oh yeah. It has got some of the most conventional ways for using​ this wonder core exercise machine

As a step:

With the legs collapsed in it is the same stature as a typical stride with two ascents on, no issue.

At the full tallness, venturing turns into a great deal harder, any individual who frequently does a Step class will most likely change rapidly?

But if it is not a part of your regular exercise routing, then you should definitely start at the lower level. And thus, build up to the second height.

I additionally discovered it shockingly agreeable to lay on when I was doing my stomach crunches, and again when utilizing hand weights lying as a part of a level position.

Using the incline:

Reebok has really introduced their extraordinary talent through this fitness bench. This bench is well-formed as size and shape. This has a durable frame finish supports the lifetime of usage.

Reebok Performance Flat Training Bench

  • Compact, low profile design.
  • 3 position angle support.
  • Weight Limit: 600 lbs.
  • 44 inches in length and 13 inches in width.

Escape Fitness Deck - Workout Bench

  • Can be folded easily and stored in a small space.
  • Best solution for total body strength and cardio workout.
  • 3 inclined positions beyond the flat.

Pop only one of the legs up. Now you have got an inclined bench. This is extraordinary for doing stretches on.

I likewise thought that it was useful for including resistance while doing sit-ups/stomach crunches, by lying with my head towards the lower end of the Deck. It is considered as one of the Best Weight Benches .

Reebok fitness bench is exactly as advertised. It is not ugly like the most other benches. It is a bit expensive. Just a bit, like 15$-20$ extra. But you get what you pay for. The plastic is very strong and durable.

After using this bench you can fold it beautifully and keep it in the store room or at the corner of your living room. This does not take extra space. This thing makes it perfect for home use.

The Deck has adjusted an edge which implies it doesn’t delve in your sides and it’s marginally more than a Step so you can lay level without having your bum or take hanging off the end.

Free Weights:

You can use this weight bench for free weights. This added an extra facility to your backbone. You can do loads more exercises than you do normally with the dumbbells.

But you need to keep it in your mind that this bench is not designed for heavy weight training. Reebok does not recommend doing heavy training. They advise not to use anything more than 15 kg while exercising with the weight bench.

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If you are busy person and don’t have enough time to full review, don’t worry, and take a top rated 4 best workout benches at a glance.

Resistance tubes:

You can pop resistance tubes into guide channels on both feet and in four positions on the backrest. As they move freely within the guide channel, you can switch exercise to exercise with a lot more ease.

Reebok Workout Bench can help you with a lot more different exercises like circuit training, Battle training etc. On the other hand, you can add any accessory like a medicine ball with this deck.

Extraordinary features:

Reebok has artistically put a storage compartment inside the deck where you lift up the top to create the backrest. You can place your dumbbells easily out there. Undoubtedly you can place a load of other exercising equipment’s into this place as well.


  • Can be used as an incline/decline bench.
  • Can be configured 26 different ways.
  • 2 height positions.


  • Maximum weight capacity 252lbs.
  • This is Workout bench, NOT Weight Bench, Don't be confused.

Additional note:

Okay, let me clear you one thing that Reebok don’t supply instructions in the box. So, you won’t have any instructional manual to operate that bench.

But, you know you are not operating a rocket and it is easy to be familiar with a fitness bench within two to three day. Firstly, you have to change the Reebok deck from a step to a bench position.

So, let us leave these things apart. Here comes the satisfactory news. Reebok has started to supply a DVD manual guide with the weight bench. Now, you don’t have any a headache obviously.

Does not matter what type of benches are being used by other people, I am literally in love with this fitness bench. This bench has increased my appetite for gaining a good body shape. So, stop thinking too much and buy this son of a gun without any hesitation.


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Erik Rocha - June 7, 2017

“They advise not to use anything more than 15 kg while exercising with the weight bench.”

“Cons: Maximum weight capacity 252lbs (115kg)”

So what is the actual weight it can handle?


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Mucle - August 7, 2018


Simply wowwwww!

Amazing product, bit expensive. If money is not a problem then this one is the first choice. I am obsessed with this one and going to buy a today. As I have purchased a cheap one few months ago which lasted only couple of weeks. Not going to repeat that mistake again.

Thanks for sharing informational article!


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