Fitbit Blaze is a watch that undoubtedly follows its name. Blaze is the first fitness watch that has been brought forward to the marketplace. It is considered a Smartwatch, but this thought has been avoided by its company.

They strictly refuse it to be called so. Before the arrival of Fitbit, the well-known Apple Watch was ruling the market but now we see Blaze being a tough competitor to deal with.

Fitbit Blaze Comparison

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This also lets you know what heart rate zones you are in; maybe if you need to push yourself harder or maybe back off a little bit as well.

If you compare Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Surge, then surely you will get some major differences between them.

Fitbit has tremendously shaken the market for Apple Watch. The company is hardly trying its best to avoid comparison with Apple Watch but in the end, people do have one wrist for one high-tech watch.


  • I love the way Fitbit designs its watches. In terms of design, is stylish, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It really looks nice on the wrist.
  • The classy look gives it a great advantage to be liked by people. And guess what?
  • This watch is cheaper than any other GPS watch in the marketplace.
  • If you do not like the actual band of this watch, you have three options to buy.
  • I personally like the metal band as I have one. You may say it’s a bit too much money. But these are so stylish that it is money worthy.
  • The sports bands are really soft, textured with silicon material. These bands look so nice that it is a great combination of looking good and working well during activities.
  • What I like about this watch is its slightness against one’s wrist. It looks really sexy when you wear it.
  • As it is no larger than a normal watch though it is a fitness watch, is comfortable to wear all day. The heart of this watch, The Panel, is a small 1.25-inch 16-color display.
  • In terms of brightness, it looks full of color and super clear. As obvious, it is a touch screen as well.
  • That is why you can swipe through the options on the screen as needed.
  • The left button of this watch is used as a back key.
  • On the other hand, the two buttons on the right are used for selecting the options when you don’t want to use the touch screen.
  • When your fingers are sweaty, the buttons will become very useful. When you are looking for a, then undoubtedly you might choose Fitbit blaze.


Fitbit Blaze is an activity tracker, sleep tracker, Heart rate monitor, Fitness watch, a fashion accessory. And in my opinion a smartwatch too. This watch has all the potential to be the best fitness watch. A fitness watch cannot be better than this. Fitbit Blaze’s Altimeter can measure the number of floors that you climb. It counts every 10 feet of elevation as one ‘floor’.

This sensor calculates altitude and gives the output based on atmospheric pressure. What I like most about Fitbit watches is they use MEMS 3-Axis accelerator. This meter measures the motion patterns of your body to determine how many steps you have taken, the distance traveled and the calories burned. You can also set your goals either for the other metrics if you wish.

Fitbit Blaze – Best Heart Rate Monitor

  • The Fitbit Blaze uses Pure Pulse optical heart-rate technology to track your actual heart rate of yours.
  • On the underside of this wristband, you will notice LED lights that are there to detect the blood volume of your body.
  • It is to be noted that the optical heart rate monitor flashes about 25 times per second which is pretty amazing.
  • That means it is taking 25 readings per second of your blood flow.
  • So, this sensor is going to be responsible for getting your resting heart rate which is an indicator of your overall cardio health.

Good for Calorie Burning

It also gets your active heart rate during exercise which helps you to determine how many calories you have burned. The feature of silencing the alarm is been provided so your bed partner does not feel bothered by it. It surely makes a buzzing sound but it is much better than the alarm ringing.

Best Friend for Sleep Measurement

FitBit can be your best friend for sleep measurement. You can record your sleep activity through the app of Fitbit Blaze. With this app, you can monitor your sleep patterns, duration of sleeping, and how properly you are sleeping.

Fitbit Blaze GPS Features:

  • Unlike other watches of Fitbit, Blaze does not have a built-in GPS facility. Fitbit Blaze uses your Smartphone’s GPS to map your route.
  • Fitbit gives you real-time activity reports like distance and pace during your walks and bike rides by using the GPS system of your Smartphone.
  • As everyone nowadays uses a Smartphone; not having a GPS feature by itself will not be a big deal.

Controlling your music playlist during the workout is even possible using music control. This can be done by holding the upper left button for music control and seeing the notification using the lower right button of the watch.

Removal of notifications is done each day, on the other hand, individual notifications can be deleted by swiping toward the right while it is been displayed.

Smart Notification and Music Control System

One of the features of Fitbit blaze is the push notification from any of the Bluetooth-connected devices such as the iPhone, Windows phone, and android. You will be able to receive calls, texts as well as calendar notifications.

Fitbit is considered to be a smarter watch while comparing it to any other average watch. This watch matches best with any tracker with its extremely attractive timepiece.

It is much recommended to have a sound night’s sleep to be fit and healthy. Your sleep has an effect on both your physical and mental health. No, matter how much you do physical exercise, if you can’t sleep well, all the work for being fit will go in vain.


The battery charge of this fitness watch can last up to five days. Obviously, this also depends on how many times you are using this watch due to your fitness activities.

There is a small notification room for battery life in the module which will let you know about the charge condition of that watch.

The display of Blaze is not an always-on display. The screen goes black when you are not using the watch due to power-saving reasons. Thus, it saves an amount of battery charge every time.

You have to remove the module from the band each time you want to charge. So, Fitbit is a pretty unique and smart wristwatch band. That’s all about the Fitbit blaze review.

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  1. Connie Litrenta says:

    Just bought the Blaze in Gunmetal. I wasn’t sure how I would like it because the first time I bought the Blaze (way back when), I didn’t care for it although it was extremely comfortable. This time around? I love it! They made many improvements on it and it’s still as comfortable as ever. It works great with the app and is way cheaper than Apple watch which I also own. Yes, the Apple watch can do more but absolutely nothing compares to the combination of the Blaze and the fitbit app – a match made in heaven

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