Staying fit and healthy is the latest trend among the youth and as well as old. Everyone among us is interested in looking fabulous while we move out of the home. At this time escape fitness deck can be your best company.

But do you think it is possible without a bit of hard work? No, it is not. But what if this process turns out to be easy? You can now achieve an eye-catching body only by working out on one piece of equipment.

It is really hard to figure out a product that is fit for all types of exercises. This search can be hard but not impossible. There is a fitness bench in the market that is compatible with all types of exercises no matter it is cardio or weight lifting exercises.

Product Summary in detail

If you think that this is the end of it then you are wrong. While you flip up the adjustable back then the fitness deck turns into a weighted desk. You can then do a number of weight-related workouts for your desired body goals. Escape fitness bench is more likely similar to the reebok workout bench

  • One of the interesting parts of the weight bench is that you can lift the backrest to your desired angle. Choose between 30°, 45°, and 70° angles and start doing the exercises that suit you the best. Do not worry about the backrest slipping off as it is secured with strong steel tubing.
  • This is been done for your own convenience so that you can feel confident while you are working out. Nowadays, incline and decline is the feature that we all search for while buying fitness equipment so the fitness deck does not even disappoint you even here.
  • For more versatility in your workout performances, this workout bench even has the feature of incline and decline as well. The ramp of this fitness bench can be easily inclined and declined. If you are at the beginning of your workout routine try with an inclined position and then gradually change your position to the decline setting.

You will be able to feel and see the difference while your workout bench is in these positions by yourself. While you combine the ramp, bench, and step you will be able to figure out there are around 16 different configurations.

Not only it is great with the versatility of exercises by it even has other qualities too. It is great with the capacity of storage as well. While you lift the backrest of the bench you will find a free space there. In that free area, you can store your fitness training tools.


You can store your dumbbell, resistant tubes, towels, crap bandages, sprays, and emergency kit box. The spacious compartment is one of the unique features that you will rarely find in any other fitness benches.

So, from now you can work out without the tension of forgetting any other extra workouts. Another feature that you will be enjoying is the integration of the resistance tube. You can attach any of your favorite resistance tubes to the deck and start working out. Your routine exercise will become so easy with the pass of time with the fitness deck.

Why Escape Deck is Popular?

Why is this fitness deck so popular and why should you buy one for yourself? If you are not attracted by the features that this bench has then there is an interesting fact that you must know.

This fitness bench is so intelligently built, and you can easily figure out when you see that the target zone is located in an optimal position.

While moving on to its design, the fitness deck does not even disappoint in this part either. The manufacturer of this fitness bench has made this bench with ultimate compassion and they have even kept your comfort in their minds while building it.

In other working benches you might find the top mat to be of thick foam and on those benches, you might even lose your control. The reason behind this can be your sweat. But in this fitness deck, this is not the issue. The anti-slip feature of the mat lets to be in one position and lets you carry on with your workout. The mat has a multi-textured design.


The escape fitness deck is a workout all-rounder that will provide you with all the features of using it in a number of ways.

This fitness deck will be your all-time favorite partner to make your body fit and healthy. The interesting part of this fitness bench is that you can use it as workout equipment for the gym and also for your home as well.

It is even portable, so you can change the place of your workout every day. Workouts are boring sometimes as this fitness deck is portable you have the option to move it to your backyard from the workout room and have a pleasant working out experience.

It is even a portable training system. You can use it as different working on the platform.

Someday you can use it as an aerobic stepping platform and the other day you can use it as a plyometric platform. It even provides you the scope of using it as an adjustable strength training bench. You can even state it to be a versatile workout bench, with a single bench you are able to perform multiple exercises.

Life Saver Fitness Bench

So if you have skipped a day of your gym then this bench will surely be a lifesaver. Not only it is versatile in the case of exercises but it even sets its versatility with its nature.

This workout bench provides you complete independence, so it means that you can create your own steps whether it be circuits or full-body exercise.

This fitness, deck takes the workout to a whole different level. You can set the fitness deck at two different heights. With the adjustments in the heights of the deck, you will be able to acquire the desired goal that you are aiming for. The low step setting of this workout bench is 20.5 cm or 8 inches.

This is the optimal stepping height. At the beginning of the step exercises, you can set it to a low step setting and gradually increase it over the course of time. Always remember to be careful while you are working out as relentless exercise can lead to major injuries. In this case, flat benches are really helpful for all kinds of exercise.

We all are fond of achieving a fit and well-maintained body but do not lead to heavy workouts that will make you bedridden. On the other hand, you can raise the height to 35.5 cm or 14 inches. This level of the height is known as the high step.

With this setting of the workout deck you can up the challenge and now you can perform plyometric exercises. With the help of these exercises, you will be able to strengthen your lower muscles and develop a range of movement.

Escape Fitness Deck Advantages

It even has an extra grip that helps you with having extra confidence while you are carrying on with fast pace exercises and plyometric workouts. The position in the fitness deck where you are supposed to keep your hands is built with less aggressive soft tread so that you do not face any kind of discomfort while you are doing the bodyweight exercises.

The location of the target zone is perfectly done so that the user can place their hands and legs in the same position while they are doing repetitive exercises.

On the other hand, while there is a target zone fixed in equipment then a person will surely find the workout to be more challenging and fun to carry out. This fitness bench is going to make your workout experience more challenging and adventurous like never before.

This fitness deck brought to you by Escape fitness is the first choice of 1000 health clubs that are located in 80 countries around the world. This is even the most recommended workout deck by the best trainer of the famous gym.

What’s More?

You will be able to find this fitness deck in prestigious clubs such as Fitness First, Virgin Active, LA Fitness, and Reebok Sports Club. The dimension of this fitness bench is 43.3 x 13 x 14 inches and it weighs around 28.7 pounds.

Last but not the least, another feature of this product is that you can train yourself with a fitness-based workout with the help of an app. There are several exercises that are been demonstrated in the app that will help you to acquire the body of your desire.


All you need to do is install the Escape your Limits Fitness App on your iOS or Android set. With these many advantages and features, you will be surprised to know that this fitness bench is very cost-effective.

Think no more if you are having a thought of getting a fitness bench. The fitness deck is all that you need to get your body in shape. With a range of exercise and equipment with versatility, it is the best fitness equipment on the market that you can trust.

So, without any delay order one for yourself and enjoy the advantages of a unique and versatile fitness tool.

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