A dumbbell rack is obviously a great gadget to keep your barbells and dumbbells more organized. Say goodbye to messy and scattered dumbbells in your workout places.

CAP is a prominent fitness gear brand and it has CAP Barbell A-Frame Dumbbell with awesome features. The A-Frame stands for its “A” shape where you can store and access your barbells or dumbbells in a vertical position. This is our review on the cap barbell dumbbell rack product you can purchase on the market.

Cap Barbell Comparison

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A Product of Trust

CAP company has been manufacturing high-quality workout gears and tools. Backed up with three decades of experience. We can expect a reliable product from a trusted company. If you already have CAP dumbbells, the rack would fit your sets well even though it can cater to most standard hex dumbbells as well. On the other hand, the company also offers a 30-day warranty for your purchase on this rack.

A-Frame is Space Saving

Employing an A-frame dumbbell rack would save space in your workout place. The vertical fashion of the rack allows you to organize the barbells and dumbbells literally in a vertical way. The A shape rack provides the storage at the climbing position for both sides that meet at the culmination point. This way, you can save more dumbbells with this cap barbell dumbbell rack application.

High Capacity and Diverse Dumbbells to Carry

With a compact design, this cap barbell rack can actually hold up to 200 pounds. It’s suitable for hex or rubber hex dumbbells with a weight of 5 to 25 pounds with five dumbbell slots on each side(10 slots in total). You can combine the different sizes of dumbbells in one cap barbell rack whenever possible. If you have multiple sets of dumbbells and barbells, you can easily employ multiple racks and keep them organized.

Reliable & Durable Construction

CAP uses steel tubing to construct a cap barbell dumbbell rack along with a decent powder coat. The overall dimension of the rack is 13”x15”x 26” and weighs around 10.5 pounds. The technical specification confirms the written capacity where it can safely hold a set of dumbbells weighing up to 200 pounds. You can have 5 pairs of dumbbells or barbells for a single rack.


Customer Reviews about Cap Barbell

It has many bodybuilder fans as the company has pampered them with quality yet helpful products and this dumbbell rack isn’t an exception.  This Dumbbell Rack is currently available on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Most buyers have found the rack organizes their dumbbells well and provides easy access. However, some buyers complained about the smell of the package as they received the delivery.


It is a useful gadget to help you organize your dumbbell or barbell sets. The A-frame adoption saves storage space in your workout area and you can easily access the dumbbells or barbells and put them back after finishing. If you have a limited workout area and love dumbbell training, you invest in a CAP dumbbell rack for sure.

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