Best AB Machines lists in 2019

Would love to have great abs and look macho but too tight on the schedule to hit the gym? Get the best ab machine ​and do workouts at home.

But before you start looking around to buy the ab machine, let’s have a talk first.

First things first, people have a tendency to think that expensive means better. While it's true in many other cases, but not always when it comes to fitness equipment.

The most important thing to consider about ​ab workout machine is the effectiveness of the way it operates/works.

The only job of a ​​fitness machine is not to make your muscle work, but to make it work in a proper way with proper pressure. It’s your body you’re dealing with.

Buying any ​ab exercise equipment that tries to extend your muscle in an improper and ‘not-medically-recommended' way to give you quick results, will make you suffer badly in the long run.

When it comes to ​ab workout machine, an expensive one might not provide as effectiveness as expected, while an inexpensive one could give you great results with its intelligent way of operation to put pressure at the right place.

Now the question arises, how can you judge which ​exercise bench works in the proper way, without you being an insanely experienced and expert person of fitness equipment?

Well, listen from one. Oh wait, you're already doing so! (I'm not bragging, I've been dealing with fitness equipment for multiple decades, being a gym trainer)

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Picking The Best AB Machine; Buying Tips

There​ are many great types of exercise equipment that are good for having good abs, but it's important for you to pick the machine that will work best for YOU.

You need to consider your personal preferences and you should be honest with yourself when you are looking at the process of using a product. You'll not feel like you're killing yourself for nothing if you can pick the ab machines that suits your preference of operation.

In the ‘Ab machine reviews' section below, I'll talk about the work process of an equipment that'll help you decide if that suits you or not.

After the operation process, other things you should be looking for an ab machine are -

Comfortable & Adjustable

It is very important for ab machines to be comfortable, otherwise, you might give up when motivation dries out. At least it should be something that won't exhaust you fully, since workout is never really "comfortable".

The ​ab exercise machine should support your body while you do the abdominal workouts. Since humans have different physical traits, it should offer needed options to tweak it to make it comfortable enough and suit different people.

You can check user reviews online before buying any exercise equipment. If you see many users having any common health issue or injuries using the product, that product is faulty and skip that.

I should mention that people generally have issues with even the ab machine or any other workout machine since many of them have just started working out or doing it in an improper way, or reviewed the product too early before getting used to it. That is individual, and okay.

But if there’s any common problem everyone is facing even after long use, that’s a problem. 

Offers Full Range of Motion, Target all AB Muscles

The best way to work on your midsection to improve the look and strength of it is to make moves which engage in a full range of motion and target all ab muscles, goes from full stretch to full contraction.

Consider buying a machine that lets you train all your ab muscles and work on your entire abdominal core – oblique muscles, upper and lower abdominal​.

Unfortunately, most of the ab exercise equipment do not provide full movements. They only focus on contraction, not extension.

Nevertheless, the ones I suggested below, provides full movement for better abs.


A workout machine with poor ergonomics that has you working out in unnatural positions is going to cause you harm by hurting your back, neck or other parts. You should avoid these type of equipment.

An ergonomically enriched workout machine will offer few adjustments to fit your height, direct natural motion and be sturdy being constructed of high-quality materials.


How much room can you afford to allot your new ab machine? You should consider this before purchasing your equipment.

While it might not be a major factor that will relate to the results you get from the equipment, it sometimes becomes crucial, especially if you have a narrow place.

I want you to have your ab machine right in front of your eyes as much as possible, not stored away in a different place for it having a large footprint.

Price & Value

It’s not awesome to buy a super awesome expensive workout machine that offers super awesome features that you actually might not need!

You need to determine your needs from the workout machine and then invest in a machine that'll satisfy that need well at least expenditure possible. That's getting proper value for your money.

One thing to mention, the price isn't always the indicator, though very cheap products usually are very cheap in quality.

The Best Ab Machines Reviews:

So here’s a quick review of the top 3 ab machines that meets the criteria I just explained. These machines will help gaining abs fun, easier and less painful.

Wonder Core Smart Review; Complete Home Workout System

One of the most hyped ab builders is the Wonder core smart home workout system. It's a very compact, zero-assembly-required workout machine that really doesn't look too tough to build 6 packs asap,but actually, it works. Click here to read full review​ about wonder core machine. 

The machines are simply a spring-loaded ab cruncher that provides a range of eight different types of ab exercise (tutorial DVD's included). The pressure of the spring based resistance system is adjustable in the region of 20-50 lbs. Most importantly, the package is very much beginner friendly.

​Wonder Core Design

The design is simple. There are a seat and two arms on it, both are well padded for comfort and easiness on the skin. It so compact that you can literally throw it anywhere. And zero assembly required means take it out of the box and off you go.

You just don’t buy a workout machine while buying this, rather you buy a package. Along with the device itself, you get 2 workout DVD’s that has workout plans programmed in it, separately for different resistance levels.

 You also get nutrition and meal guide with this that’ll help you build abs. Plus, you get a free Twister Board so you can incorporate new exercises into your daily workout routines.

​Now, coming to the main point, how well does the equipment work on your abs?

Well, The machine works pretty well mainly due to its simplicity. It offers 8 standard exercises based on the usual moves that most folks are expected to be familiar with, including:


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    ​Forearm and Biceps
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    ​Ab Tucks
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    ​Scissor Kicks
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    ​Tricep extensions

These exercises hit your entire core and offer a full body workout routine. And that's why it works well when you offer a complete session consistently.

If you can offer complete workout sessions following the DVD consistently, and follow the diet plan, you’ll see visible results pretty soon. You’ll lose some fat and your abs will start to show.

If I talk about the made and build quality of the machine, it seems a well-constructed machine to me. The machine is tough and sturdy, can handle loads and pressure. And soft, where it's, needs to be, with necessary padding done.

Get yourself a good place to workout, pull the machine out, set your resistance level, play the DVD and follow the routine for 35 minutes.

The exercises on the DVD seemed a bit too easy to me, though you should start off slow. Once you get used to it, you should try harder exercises, with more resistance as well.

​Wonder Core Features

The ​ab crunch machine got some downsides as well. Firstly, if you are already a pretty regular gym guy, this won’t bring any significant change to you. It’s made for people who prefer home gym.

Large people will also find it tough to fit in the device. People weighing more that 250 pounds should avoid this. Moderately sized people will find this ideal.

Except these, the ​crunch machine is a steal for the price. If these downsides don't relate to you, then you should definitely give it a try. You hopefully will get that dream ab that you thought would be so tough to get with these little yet one of the ​top ab machines.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Let me make it clear at the very beginning, ​Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts NOT like a traditional ab wheel out there. It may look same, but for the ergonomic differences it has, it offers unique benefits.

First off, the ultra-wide, sturdy wheel provides way more stability than you get in a traditional ab wheel.

​It will help​ you focus on the right areas of your abs.

​​This ad machine offers stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques

You also get a high-density foamed knee pad with the main carver. After purchasing, you get access to download a 21-day workout plan that helps you get the best result with the carver.

​The wheel also gives you much more balance over regular ab wheels. The balance issue is important, because when you feel imbalanced, you start dealing with it by modifying your moves rather than focusing on your actual exercise plan.

It takes you away from your workout and prevents you from maximizing your effort.


Design of the handle also lets you workout for long at a stretch without exhausting your grip. The angled design also activates arm and core muscles while targeting abs.

While a handle is just a handle on a regular ab wheel, it's much more than that in an Ab Carver Pro, it's a tool for better and quick results.

     ​Some More   

​Not surprisingly, this is much better built as well. While a normal wheel is made from cheap plastics, it's not. It's made from high-grade materials which give you support for a long time.

The sturdy, large and wide design of the wheel of AB carver pro solves both balance and stability issue and keeps your focus on getting a full range of motion.

​If you are looking to invest in something like ab wheels, I highly recommend spending a bit more and get the Ab Carver Pro that’ll give you way better results than a traditional ab wheel.

​Features of this AB Carver

You also get an exclusive kinetic assist engine benefit from it. The ab carver pro has a powerful spring inside the machine that drives the kinetic assist engine. This helps you to perform the motion accurately which leads to working on your core more efficiently.

This feature also provides resistance which you might not even expect. The engine uses a carbon steel spring located inside to provide resistance and amplify abdominal and arm workout.

The handles of the Ab Carver Pro are specially designed as well. They are rubberized and curved and offers perfect stability control.

Their non-slip and ergonomic features help you during the workout. If you grab well, you feel confident, which makes a difference in workout quality.

Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Workout ​Extension Bench

The 3rd equipment is a workout bench. It’s the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-workout bench which can be considered as the best workout bench in 2018. Go here to read review.

You can do both lower and upper body exercises with this machine.

​More than an Ab workout machine, I'd like to call it a full body workout machine that provides excellent results for both abs and other body parts.

You can do flat and decline abdominal crunches to take special care of your ab.

Do multiple bench dumbbell exercises and crunches to target upper, lower and middle chest muscles, means all the chest muscles for a better-shaped chest.

The machine not being really small, comes with transportation wheel to move it around, thankfully.


​The X-Class is comfortable with 2.5-inch thick foam padding with a double stitches moisture and sweat resistant vinyl cover. ​The push-up and dip handle bars are soft as well, and slip-resistant too.

Single dumbbell rows, ab crunches, knee raises, back extensions, preacher curls and what not, you just name it.

The bench will bring versatility in your workout program and make sure that you are not forgetting any part of your body trying to love another.

​The Weight bench support people with differences. It suits people weighing up to 650 pounds with a height of 5 feet to 6'4".

The backrest is 7-level adjustable and the bench seat offers 4 adjustments to adapt people with different physical traits.

One minor problem with the backrest is, it can't be positioned to fully upright initially. Though this problem can be overcome with a little trick.

You have to put the seat at the lowest angle first, Then it's easy to place the backrest in the 85-degree position and after that, you may place the seat at any intended angle.

The Best Ab Workout Machines - Wrap Up:

That was pretty much it. If you're still reading, I assure you know a lot about ab machines than many other people.  With this knowledge, I hope you'll be able to pick the ​top ab machine for yourself.

Before finishing, I need to clear one thing out. Even when you buy the ​ab crunch machine, you actually need to use it, do workouts on a consistent basis to see any results. This is your body, a human body we're talking about, there's really no quick and shortcut way to get that sexy ab.

If it was that easy to get that kind of abs, don’t you think everybody would go to the gym for a week or buy that fancy ab machine and get that abs quick?

NO, it doesn’t work that way.

You have a ​best ab machine, you do workouts regularly, maybe not pushing yourself too hard, but at least you’re consistent, you’re going to have that macho ab today or tomorrow, TRUST ME!


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