Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders Buying Guide

Do you enjoy playing golf? Are you a perfectionist in your life? ​If yes then ​grab​ Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders to take your playing experience to the next level.

It will undoubtedly increase the speed of play. it is a perfect combination of speed, accuracy, and jolt.

It is guarantee a better performance and an increase in efficiency.​ ​The Golf Rangefinder will improve your skills a lot.

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Is Bushnell Tour V3 worth to buy?

Yes, Bushnell golf rangefinder will be your best buy because of many good reasons. It looks stylish too.

The colors’ used in this model will suit your personality. It has a combination of pure white and black and the model’s name ‘tour V3’ is highlighted in red.

Tour v3 rangefinder will surely differentiate you from the crowd. Moreover, with its improved ergonomic design​.

​It is now more comfortable in the hands of a perfectionist like you. It is also not that heavy, so you can easily carry it.

​​Spec​ifications of ​Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders

The V3 Rangefinders comes with a lot of efficient features with the only goal to improve your playing experience. They are as follows:

Specification's Measurement
Built in accessory mount yes
Magnification x Obj. Lens5x 24mm
Dimensions 4.3×2.8×1.6in
Weight 6.6oz
Battery type3-volt lithium (CR-2)
Eye relief21mm
Exit pupil 4.8mm
Field of view367 ft @1000yds
Optical coatingsmulti-coated
Range5-1000 yards
Ranging accuracy 1 yard

Aren’t these exciting? This product will be taking your playing experience to the next level.

Sometimes we have to face severe back pain while using golf for a long time, at this moment you will need to use a Good Posture ​Corrector. It will improve your posture very smoothly.

It is time to upgrade you with this new technology and play like a pro. The pin seeker technology with jolt technology is the most key feature which makes it so cool.

​What is the Jolt Technology

It is the most exciting feature of this product. We guarantee this feature will blow your mind completely and bring a smile on your face.

This feature allows the flag sticks from the background and takes that evolution one step further; as the laser locks the flag the jolt triggers short vibrations which you can feel. Isn’t it exciting?

So, now you not only see the distance, you feel it. We assure you this product will be a valuable asset to you.

If you love golf you will fall in love with the ‘Bushnell Tour V3’.

Performance Issues

  • Fastest Rangefinders: It is one of the fastest rangefinders regarding the fact of locking onto multiple targets.
  • If we always keep the pin seeker mode on. We can get distance readings very fast and re-fire at additional targets.
  • The ease of locking a target: It is simply great in picking up targets. At 500 yards it can easily lock onto targets and give a jolt.
  • However beyond this, rarely it doesn’t jolt but gives you an accurate distance measure, this phenomenon is very rare.
  • Carrying case: It has a gray nylon carrying case which is not solid but provides the necessary protection for your Bushnell tour v3.
  • It looks very stylish. The primary color is gray with some red and black highlights.
  • A Small dust cloth is also provided with the case to wipe the lens.

Other facts you should know

The Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders has only one button located at the top of the device. 

This is the laser button and it can do multitasks. It can switch the device on, fire the laser and adjust settings. It can’t change the cross-hair style.

In your Bushnell golf rangefinder you can manage the eyepiece by giving it a firm twist . You can hold the device in one hand and adjust the eyepiece with the other. 

When you standing in Golf wearing a Smart Fitness Watch with Bushnell ​ Rangefinders, how do you feel ?

Your Bushnell Tour V3 has 4 different modes. If you want to change the modes you must do as told below:

1) Firstly, you will have to shut down the device . To do so keep it idle for 30 seconds(this feature helps you to save the power of your battery.

Suppose you switched the device on and a call came . You can talk as long as you want without the fear of the device loosing its power.

2) Now press the power button and keep pressing it till the shifting of the modes start

3) When the mode you desire appear on the eyepiece release the power button

The 4 different modes in the Bushnell Tour V3 are:

1) JOLT/Yards – displayed as JLT Y

2) Yards – displayed as Y

3) JOLT/Meters – displayed as JLT M

4) Meters – displayed as M

If you didn’t select the mode you desired then wait for the device to shut down and repeat the above-mentioned steps.

Extra Features

This product differentiates itself from other rangefinders by its innovative Jolt technology.

Almost all rangefinders will give you a hint some way or the other that it has locked on a target.

They might show you an icon or make a beep or tone but this Bushnell Tour V3 will vibrate which no other device can give you.

You now just don’t see the distance you feel it. It brings a whole new dimension to the world of range finders.

Bushnell Tour V3 Fascinating Capacities

The Bushnell Tour V3 gives distance information in 1-yard increments.

When it is being refreshed the distance which is seen on the display doesn’t blink.

If you are playing golf with your friends and passing a quality time, and suddenly it starts raining, don’t worry about your Bushnell Tour V3.

​Luckily it can endure the rain. It also has coated optic which whisks away the rain and dust.

Is it Expensive to buy ?

It is a solid device and is one of the cheapest in the market. It is cheap, easily portable, efficient and infused with some of the latest technologies.

What more do you want? It is the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, and jolt. It is a complete package.

Final Words to Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

So, if you are passionate about golf and serious about everything you do in your life, grab Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders and see the magic work that will take your playing experience to the next level.

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